Who We Are

How We lighten up your business

Business Connect Service

This is a premium service for businesses and/or business owners. As a business owner, you can create an account and have your details available with us. Clients can easily find your business on our platform based on location and products (if any), and easily send a message to you through our platform or call your phone number for more details if available. You can SIGN UP here

Business LookUp for Visitors

This is a free service for clients, also known as website visitors. As a client or website visitor, you can search for places (hospitals, hotels, bars, etc) around you, or places you intend to visit and can also see their details so you can reach them for more information. You can search by location name and category.

Business Development

The essence of every business is to generate significant positive cash flows or earnings, as to have increase in revenues and also create more values by continuing to expand above average earnings. We channel our strength to grow your business the right way, Employ the right people, use the right tools to maximize the right methodologies to grow your business.

School Management Services

This service is a service for educational centers. We provide you with tools to increase your online presence and improve your expense management and also manage your staffs. We provide comprehensive list of traded services to schools. Some of which are improving online presence, staff management, student management, income and expenses management, computer room setup, schooling networking, biometric and/or manual attendance management, ID Cards for staffs and students (if need) and much more.

Website Design & Management

We provide a modern and functional responsive website designs that explains the full potentials of your business, ranging from business websites to E-commers website, blogs, or educational website. You also get a customized email address (your-name@your-domain.com), secure login with SSL Integration, Standard Search Engine Optimization, 24/7 Expert Technical Support and many more. Mention it, and we get it done.

Logo and Graphic Design

Graphical Images have voices of their own, telling viewers what they stands for, after a short glance. We give you a design that displays your intention to the viewers in a blink of an eye. We focus on design for Articles, Social Media Adverts, Banners, Website Sliders, Logos, Promotional Videos, and so on

Social Media Management

Social media goes a long way in making website visitors and/or followers become potential customers. We don’t just create your social media pages professionally; we also focus on getting real-time followers, viewers, and likes. We work tirelessly to ensure we don’t stop at just collecting data, but also analyze them as to know the targets for your campaign or advert. Then we run and monitor social media campaigns for your business as to effectively get visitors get converted to potential customers.

Content Development

We believe content is the lifeblood of any digital product. We design absolutely amazing, modern, and professional logo that defines your brand and stunning graphical designs that capture your intended audience across all platforms (blogs, articles, adverts, etc) as to meet your design needs. We get it done correctly, as to engage instruct educate and motivate readers and/or viewers.